Aggieland Hotter than Hell TEAM Tournament 2024

Texas A&M University, 632 Penberthy Drive, College Station Texas, 77843

May 04, 2024 - May 05, 2024

Tourney Timezone: Central
Hotter than Hell Team Championships
Team Doubles Event:
-Gender teams consist minimally of 6 players of the same gender.
- Mixed doubles teams consist minimally of 3 women, 3 men.
Each "match" will consist of 3 lines of doubles playing simultaneously. "Game wins" will be calculated first; In case of ties, tie-breaker will be settled by Point Differential.
Round Robin play is planned. If 5+ teams in your respective division, pool play into Single elimination bracket will be played. Teams are guaranteed at least 3 team matches.
* Matches could be games to 15 or 2/3 to 11. All dependent on registrations.
4 Divisions:
Chilaca Pepper Division ( age 55+ and up)
Jalapeno Division (3.5 ratings and below)
Habanero Division (3.5-4.5 ratings)
Ghost Pepper (Open division)
* DUPR ratings will be checked at the time of registration.
Omar Smith Instructional Tennis Courts, on the Texas A&M Campus
(10 designated courts and 16 temporary courts on concrete)
**Rainout plans will be inside in the PEAP Building
Saturday, May 4th, 2024 - Gender Doubles (Mens and Womens).
Sunday, May 5th, 2024 - Mixed Doubles
Start time: All play start at 8:00 AM both days
Costs: $300/team (basically $50 per person...*your team is not approved until payment is made. See Form link and registration info below.) ONLY team captains need to sign up the team. Contact Mary Beth Henthorne if you would like to play and do NOT have a team. All players will receive a t-shirt and breakfast/lunch/snacks will be provided each day. Captains will receive a special gift for coordinating and herding your team "cats." Team Captains please sign up your team here -
Awards will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each divisions. Other awards will include: Best team Theme, Best team Costume, Best team Yell or Cheer for each day of play. This is a fun tournament designed to build comradery for your team in your area of Texas or around the US. Come see if your group really has what it takes...No matches will be reported to DUPR so play free and get a team together TODAY!!!

Additional Information
Teams signed up this far (updated 4/25) :
* Indicates Team Captain
**Any registrations after 4/26 will NOT include a tshirt
Saturday, 5/4 - Women's Doubles
Chilaca Division:
Team 1: DeEsta Garrett, Jane Flaherty, Lynn Roelke*, Connie Clore, Cheri McEwen, Cynthia Bouton
Jalapeno Division
Team 1: Sota Picklers - Cristina Abazajian*, Carol Turner, Bobbi Brooks, Lee Postma, 2 ladies tbd
Team 2: Dinko De Mayo - Abigail Gunter*, Sage Spivey, Audrey Matula, Josie Ishmael, Abicate Ray, Aubrey Davis
Habanero Division
Team 1: BVPA Hot Flash Mommas - Stephanie Cumpton, Lisa Williams*, Karen Arents, Kim Acker, Robin Fuller, Amber Stevenson
Team 2: Brenham HOT FLASHES - Janice Kramer*, Allyson Pawlowski, Karen Jones, JoBeth Palmer, Nancy Klimowicz, Janis Kmiec
Team 3: Dink Ladies - Cynthia Lacy*, Kim Zapalac, Vicki "Sugar" Bruce, Lisa Keesler, Karin Plotts, Linda Gaas
Saturday, 5/4 - Men's Doubles
Jalapeno Division
Team 1: Dinkin Donuts - Rafael Paiva, Thad Hargett, Brad Isenhart, Mark Dudley, Bill Lockett, *Jim Smith
Team 2: Sota Pickleball - Stu Musick*, Ross Jarvis, Craig Sullivan, Steve Tolliver, Jason Brooks, Mark Klimowicz
Team 3: Dude Adequate - Cole Weeber, Kyle Grimes, Jake Hebert, Francis Bui*, Jordan Meynard
Habanero Division:
Team 1: More of Cucumber guys - Tyler Smith, Ethan Rawlings, Anirudh Margam, Axton Grams, Benjamin Mabry, Slone Early
Sunday, 5/5 - Mixed Doubles:
Jalapeno Division
Team 1: BVPA Court Jesters - Sherry Coleman*, Linda Gaas, Debbie Smith, Mark Dudley, Cole Lamkin, Anthony Parulian
Team 2: One hour Outlaws - *Rigo Hernandez, Roger, Ben, Brenna, Sarah, Madison
Team 3: Smash Bros - Megan Willard*, Trenton Willard, Matthew Doty, Faith Lange, Rowan Prihoda, Victoria Tilson
Team 4: Kingwood Pickleball Club - Mike Janikula, Nancy P, Gay, TBD, Walt M., Adam B.
Team 5: Sota Picklers - Cristina Abazajian, Carol Turner, Lee Postma, Bobbi Brooks, Bruce Postma, Jason Brooks, Steve Toliver, Kyle Locke
Habanero Division
Team 1: BVPA Dinkin Donuts - Rafael Paiva, Amber Stevenson, Thad Hargett, Karen Arents, Kathy Williams, Jim Smith*, Lisa Williams
Team 2: Brenham Fired UP - Janice Kramer*, Allyson Pawlowski, Karen Jones, Mike Faubion, Joey Robinson, Doug Needham Joey
Team 3: Abraham Dinkin - Nikki Kanzler, Jo Anna Bryans, Reese Thompson, Greg Tingleaf, Tanner Sumer, Bryan Fernando
Ghost Pepper Division:
Team 1: Ball Crushers - David Colombo*, Kim Colombo, Brandon Burris, Tiffany Burris, Hans Buth, Mary Beth Henthorne
Team 2: Line Drive - Cole Wageman*, Blake Goodman, Kyle Keegan, Gloria , Heather Wade, Mallory
Team 3: Unicorn Dink Shots - Ali Kassam*, Maddi Runyon, Katelyn Steel, Robin Fuller, Greg Sowell, Kyle Steel

Refund Policy
There will be no refunds after April 15, 2024.

We do have an alternate venue for inclement weather.

Venue Information
Texas A&M University,632 Penberthy Drive, College Station Texas, 77843
Surface Type: Concrete
Play Area Type: Outdoor Non-Covered
Net Type: Permanent & Portable
Ball Used: Franklin x-40
Number of Courts: 26
Parking: No Fee
Free on Saturdays and Sundays

Officiated Type:None
Max Events per Registration:0
Cost Includes:1 Events
Guaranteed Games per Event:4
Allow Pets:No
Allow Food:No
Allow Grill:No
Allow Dish to Pass:No