2024 Douglas Park Charity Tournament

Douglas Park, 20550 Douglas Crescent, Langley British Columbia, V3A 2C5

Jul 04, 2024 - Jul 07, 2024

Tourney Timezone: Pacific
The 4th Annual Douglas Park Charity Tournament, in support of the Douglas Park Community School, will be held from Thursday, July 4 to Sunday, July 7, 2024 at Douglas Park in Langley. This is a Pickleball Canada sanctioned event.
Address: 20550 Douglas Crescent, Langley, BC V3A 4B3
Registration on Pickleball Brackets opens March 15, 2024, at 9:00 AM. Registration closes May 16, 2024 at noon.
Unless we cancel events due to a low number of teams in particular events, event brackets will be as follows:
Thursday, July 4
Senior’s Day – Event for 50+ age group
Men’s and Women’s Doubles 3.0 – 4.5
Some events will start at 8:00AM.
Friday, July 5
New Event - Mixed Doubles (Age 50+) 3.0 – 4.0 Some events will start at 8:00AM.
Men’s and Women’s Singles 3.0 – 5.0 Start time TBA
Saturday, July 6
Men’s and Women’s Doubles 3.0 – 5.0
Some events will start at 7:30AM.
Sunday, July 7
Mixed Doubles 3.0 – 5.0
Some events will start at 8:00 AM.
FORMAT: Double Elimination Format for all doubles events and Round Robin followed by single elimination medal round for men’s and women’s singles events.
After registrations are finalized, more detailed start times will be posted.
Brackets may be cancelled or limited in size based on registration numbers. The Tournament Director may modify the competition format in the event of inclement weather, low numbers or other unforeseen delays.
Event Registration Policy
IMPORTANT!: Since this is a Pickleball Canada sanctioned tournament, Pickleball Brackets uses your CPTR rating, not your club rating or Pickleball Brackets rating.
PCO’s new policy allows lower level players to play up a level as long as their rating is not more than .5 lower. For example, two players with a 3.5 rating may partner in a 4.0 event. Or a 3.5 player may partner with a 4.0 partner in a 4.0 event.
To allow for more competitors, players may not register in both the Seniors category and the lower age group for the same event. When you sign in to register, you will see all events you are eligible to enter. Players 50+ may play in the lower age group instead of the Seniors category.
Registration Fees: $60.00 plus $15.00 per event
An online waiver will be used for registration.
Online payment via Pickleball Brackets.
Registration is not complete until BOTH partners have registered, agreed to the tournament waiver, and paid all fees owing. Registration is limited in each event.
If you are waitlisted for an event, you do not need to make a payment for that event. Should you be moved from the waitlist into the event, you must make your payment at that time.
We will be using the Alpha Sub Zero ball.
Competition courts will only be available for warm up one hour prior to the start of the events each day. After the tournament has started, warm ups are restricted to the four warm-up courts in the lacrosse box. This helps us stay on schedule. Plan to arrive at the venue 45 - 60 minutes prior to the start of your event to allow time for check-in, warm-up and to prepare for your first match.

Additional Information
1. All registrants must have a valid Pickleball Canada Membership to play in this tournament. Please ensure your Pickleball Canada Membership number and your skill level are up to date in your Pickleball Brackets profile before registering for this tournament. If you are not a Pickleball Canada member, you can become a member at https://pickleballcanada.org/
If you can't remember your Pickleball Canada number, check here: https://secure.pickleballcanada.org/login/
2. In order to register for this tournament you must have a Pickleball Brackets Account. If you do not have a Pickleball Brackets account, create one BEFORE registration opens. It will save you time when registering.
IMPORTANT! Make sure your profile information (email, spelling of your names, phone number, PCO number, date of birth, gender etc.) is the same on both Pickleball Canada AND Pickleball Brackets or you will have problems registering.
Enter as a TEAM and make sure your partner registers and pays within 24 hours of you registering. If a partner has not completed his/her registration within 24 hours of the first partner registering, the team will be moved to the waitlist. When the identified partner registers, and pays, the team will be moved from the waitlist back to the active list ONLY, if there is a slot available. Confirm with your partner BEFORE registration to avoid disappointment.
FULLY REGISTERED/PAID TEAMS WILL BE GIVEN PRIORITY! An event is considered full when the limit set is filled by fully registered teams. At that time a waitlist will be created by PB Brackets.
NOTE: Players should register in the appropriate skill group, based on their current CTPR (PCO)/USAPA rating. The Tournament Director reserves the right to review players who self-rate above or below the level at which they customarily play.
Douglas Park,
20550 Douglas Crescent, Langley
British Columbia V3A 2C5
If you are interested in volunteering, please click on BE A VOLUNTEER on the tournament landing page at pickleballbrackets.com.
Our referee team will be working to obtain as many referees as possible. All medal matches will have a referee. If you are interested in refereeing, please click on BE A REFEREE on the tournament landing page at pickleballbrackets.com. Referees will receive an honorarium for each gold and bronze medal match refereed.
If you need a partner check out the tournament listing on pickleballbrackets.com to see who is looking for a partner.
If a partner becomes injured prior to the start of the tournament, but after registration has closed, the tournament director must be contacted to request a change in partner. Replacement players must be able to play in the same skill/age group as the injured player. The replacement player must sign the waiver and submit payment in order to be fully registered. Keep in mind, players may play up in skill, but not down. Consideration and approval for any request for the replacement of a player after registration closes will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Should the Tournament Director approve the change of partner, a desk operations team member will need to edit the registration. No changes will be allowed after the event has started.
Players are encouraged to bring:
- their own portable chairs.
- hat or umbrella for personal shade.
- lots of food, water and sports drinks.

Refund Policy
Registrants withdrawing before June 4, 2024, 9:00 p.m. will be refunded registration & event fees minus a $15.00 administration fee. NO REFUNDS after June 4, 2024, 9:00 p.m. for player cancellations / withdrawals
If the tournament cannot be played because of inclement weather, Provincial Health guidelines or another unforeseen situation beyond the control of tournament organizers, registrants will be refunded their fees minus a $15.00 administration fee.

Venue Information
Douglas Park,20550 Douglas Crescent, Langley British Columbia, V3A 2C5
Surface Type: Pickleball Hardcourt Surface
Play Area Type: Outdoor Non-Covered
Net Type: Permanent
Ball Used: Alpha Sub Zero
Number of Courts: 8
Parking: No Fee

Officiated Type:Medal Matches
Max Events per Registration:3
Cost Includes:0 Events
Guaranteed Games per Event:3
Allow Pets:No
Allow Food:Yes
Allow Grill:No
Allow Dish to Pass:No