2024 Empire State Senior Games Pickleball Tournament

SUNY Cortland Lusk Field House, 1 Folmer Drive, Cortland New York, 13045

Jun 12, 2024 - Jun 14, 2024

Tourney Timezone: Eastern
The Cortland Regional Sports Council presents the Empire State Senior Games Skill Level/Age Group Pickleball Tournament.
Registration fees are $50 for New York State residents and $55 for out of state residents.
Each registration will be charged an additional, NON-REFUNDABLE PickleballBrackets.com fee of $5 for one event or $10 for more than one event.
Registration has reached maximum capacity and is now closed. All players currently without partners will be moved to the waiting list. Waiting list registration will be reopened by May 14th. When registration officially closes on May 24th, and the schedule is created, we may be able to take some teams and players from the waiting list in the order they signed up. Both partners must sign themselves up on the waiting list.
Registration opens on March 1st and closes on May 24th.
Wednesday - June 12, Women's Doubles and Men's Singles
Thursday - June 13, Mixed Doubles
Friday - June 14, Men's Doubles and Women's Singles
Tournament Directors: Barb Lopiccolo and Janice Pauly
Age groups are 5 year divisions from age 50 and up only. No events for younger age groups.
The 2024 Tournament is a qualifying event for the 2025 National Senior Games in Des Moines, Iowa. See the Additional Information section below for qualifying details.
Registration is by Age as of 12/31/2024 and PickleballBrackets.com SENIOR SKILL LEVEL at the time of registration. Players may be moved to another Skill Level based on their PickleballBrackets.com SENIOR skill level as of the date that registration closes. Self ratings will only be used for players with no tournament rating. Calculated PickleballBrackets.com tournament SENIOR ratings will be used for all others. Each age group will have four different skill level events as follows:
Doubles and Mixed Doubles
1. Division IV - 3.0 and under - Teams with both players rated at 3.0 or under.
2. Division III - 3.5 - All teams with at least one 3.5 player and neither partner rated above 3.5
3. Division II - 4.0 - All teams with at least one 4.0 player and neither partner rated above 4.0.
4. Division I - 4.5 and above - All teams with at least one 4.5+ rated partner.
1. Division IV - 3.0 and under - Players rated at 3.0 or under.
2. Division III - 3.5 - Players rated at 3.5.
3. Division II - 4.0 - Players rated at 4.0.
4. Division I - 4.5 and above - Players rated at 4.5 or above.
Skill levels for all players will be updated when registration closes. Players whose skill level has changed since they registered will be moved to a different skill level bracket.
A team must play at the skill level of the higher rated player.
Players with a UTPR or World Pickleball Tournament Rating that is higher than their PickleballBrackets.com Senior rating, may request bracket placement based on either of those. Use the Contact Tourney link above to contact the tournament directors.
Competition each day will begin at 8:00 AM. Specific start times for each event will be posted and emailed to players approximately one week prior to the event.
The tournament format is round robin for events with a small number of teams. Games will be either to 11 or 15.
For events with a more than nine teams there will be two or more seeded pools and the top two teams in each pool will advance to a playoff round to determine medal winners. Games will be either to 11 or 15.
When age/skill groups are combined to create a playing bracket, medals will be awarded to the top three teams in the ORIGINAL age/skill group.
For a guaranteed spot in the tournament in doubles or mixed doubles, the second partner must register within THREE days of the first partner's registration or by the time registration closes. Teams that are incomplete after that will be moved to the waiting list. Once the second partner registers, the team will be entered into the event IF THERE IS STILL ROOM IN THE EVENT AND THE TOURNAMENT.
Limits may be placed on the size of each event after registration opens. Register early to guarantee your spot.
Players may sign up on the waiting list at no charge for any closed event, however, openings in an event will only be filled by complete teams in doubles and mixed doubles. Both partners must be signed up on the waiting list as a team in order to fill an event opening.
There is a maximum capacity of 525 players for the tournament. Registration will automatically close when that limit is reached.

Additional Information
Qualifying for the National Senior Games Tournament
1. The top four teams in each skill/age group will qualify for the National Senior Games.
2. There are 4 guaranteed qualifying spots for New York State residents. If any of the top four spots in an event are taken by an out of state team or player, the next New York State team will also qualify.
3. A team of one in state player and one out of state player is considered to be an out of state team.
Your entry fee covers all Empire State Senior/Masters Games sporting events.
There are also other extra cost events that are open to players. (dinners, luncheons, residence halls, barbecue, etc.)
If you plan to participate in any other sporting or social events, you must contact the Senior Games office at nyseniorgamesinfo@gmail.com to sign up.

Refund Policy
Refund policy:
Refunds will be given for medical/family emergency reasons only. A $15 software/payment processing fee is incurred by the Games, so that will be deducted from EVERY refund along with any expenses incurred (i.e. shirt, pin, etc) NO EXCEPTIONS.
NO refunds for withdrawals after registration closes.
Submit medical/family refund requests and documentation to nyseniorgamesinfo@gmail.com.
Refunds will be processed in July.

Venue Information
SUNY Cortland Lusk Field House,1 Folmer Drive, Cortland New York, 13045
Surface Type: Synthetic / Acrylic
Play Area Type: Indoor
Net Type: Portable
Ball Used: Onix Fuse Yellow Indoor Ball
Number of Courts: 12
Parking: No Fee
Park at the Athletic Center

Officiated Type:None
Max Events per Registration:3
Cost Includes:Unlimited Events
Guaranteed Games per Event:4
Allow Pets:No
Allow Food:No
Allow Grill:No
Allow Dish to Pass:No