6th Annual Comox Valley Pickleball Tournament

Canadian Forces Base Comox, 1575 Military Row, Lazo British Columbia, V0R 2K0

May 06, 2023 - May 07, 2023

Tourney Timezone: Pacific
The Comox Valley Pickleball Association (CVPA) is pleased to host the 6th Annual Indoor Pickleball tournament May 6-7 at the 19 Wing Fitness & Community Centre in Comox.
Due to time constraints at the gym, we are unable to offer a Skill level above 4.0 this year.
We are offering Skill Level 3.0 play this year, but only in Mixed doubles.
*Update April 22,, 2023: The Men 4.5 event proposed for Sunday, May 7 has been cancelled due to low registration.
* Update April 9, 2023: There have only been six teams registered in the Mixed 3.0 event, and the decision has been made to cap registrations in this event at six teams.
Update on registrations:
CVPA members were offered pre-registration that commenced Mar. 23. CVPA members who did not formally request pre-registration will be afforded one more opportunity to pre-register commencing Mar. 28.
Update on registration fees: First event $45 plus a US$5 Pickleball Brackets charge; Second event $20 plus a US$5 Pickleball Brackets charge. Refunds for cancellations before April 28 are $35 for one event and an additional $10 for two events.
General registrations will commence March 31 at 8 AM PST at PickleballBrackets.com.
All players must be members of Pickleball Canada.
Pickleball Brackets software will be used for the tournament.
Create your personal account with Pickleball Brackets before registration opens. You cannot register for the tournament unless both you and your partner have accounts with Pickleball Brackets.
In previous years events have filled up very quickly, with subsequent registrants being placed on the Wait List. Team placement into an event is based on the time of registration of the first team member for the event, however if the second team member does not register within 24 hours of the first registration then that team will be moved onto the Wait List. Note that the slotting of teams into the event and the Wait List is automated in the software.
The following Doubles events will be held on Saturday, May 6:
• Men 3.5
• Men 4.0
• Women 3.5
• Women 4.0
The following Doubles events will be held on Sunday, May 7:
• Mixed 3.0
• Mixed 3.5
• Mixed 4.0
For both Saturday and Sunday events:
• Format will consist of round robin play, with two pools of six teams
• Teams are guaranteed five games
• Round robin games are scored first to 15 points
• Playoff round 1: Pool A #1 vs Pool B #2; Pool B #1 vs Pool A #2
• Playoff round 2: Winners of round 1 play for Gold / Silver; losers for Bronze
• Gold medal games are to 15 points; win by 2, or first to 19
• All other playoff games are to 15 points; win by 1
• Only Gold medal games will be refereed.
Note that event formats may change depending on registrations.
Events are open to players aged 18 or over (no additional age brackets).
Type of rating: Self rating.
In level 3.0 events, both players must self rate as 3.0 or less.
In level 3.5 events, both players on a team must self-rate as 3.5 or less.
In level 4.0 events, both players on a team must self-rate as 4.0 or less.
The Tournament Director reserves the right to exclude players or move players up or down into different Skill levels.
Players may only register for one event per day.
Registration fee: $45 per individual, per event, payable through PayPal only. (You do not need to have your own PayPal account.)
Registering as “Need a Partner” is not available. Remember that you must identify your partner, your partner must have an account with Pickleball Brackets, and both partners must register within one day of the first registration or your team will be moved to Wait List.
Pool Standings are determined by the Number of Games Won. If two or more teams are tied the tie break criteria are:
1. head to head winner
2. point differential for all matches played
3. head to head point differential
4. point differential against next highest team.

Additional Information
Fitness Center Address: 1575 Military Row, Comox, BC
The gymnasium has six courts and a hardwood surface.
Locker access is available, however please do not use any of the other fitness facilities.
The tournament will use the Onix indoor ball.
Clean shoes must be used in the gymnasium.
Drinks, snacks, and light lunch will be provided in the Craft Room.
No food or drinks other than water are allowed in the gymnasium.
Text messages will be used to communicate with players. Bring your cell phone and make sure that you enter the correct cell number when you register.
When you set up your PickleballBrackets account, be sure to select “Yes, I want texts” to the question "Receive in game text messages?".
Pool standings will be communicated on the PickleballBrackets.com website for the tournament. Make sure that you or your partner have a device that can access the site.
Certain areas of the 19 Wing Fitness and Recreation Centre may have poor cell phone reception, e.g. the locker rooms.

Refund Policy
Teams withdrawing on or before April 28 will be refunded $35 per player. Players service fees are nonrefundable.
There are no refunds for withdrawals after April 28.
If one player has to withdraw, you are encouraged to find your own substitute. The substitute player must have a Pickleball Brackets account so that the software can swap players. Original player will be swapped and replaced player needs to contact tournament director to transfer fees to replacement player. This is only if the player being removed registered for one event only.

Venue Information
Canadian Forces Base Comox,1575 Military Row, Lazo British Columbia, V0R 2K0
Surface Type: Hardwood
Play Area Type: Indoor Air Conditioned
Net Type: Portable
Ball Used: Onix Indoor
Number of Courts: 6
Parking: No Fee

Officiated Type:Gold Matches
Max Events per Registration:2
Cost Includes:1 Events
Guaranteed Games per Event:5
Allow Pets:No
Allow Food:No
Allow Grill:No
Allow Dish to Pass:No