Pickle Factory, 2302 Churchville Rd, Bel Air Maryland, 21015

Jun 14, 2024 - Jun 16, 2024

Tourney Timezone: Eastern
Welcome to Pickleball Showdown! This tournament will be held at the beautiful climate controlled venue of Pickle Factory in Bel Air Maryland which features 9 indoor dedicated pickleball courts! There will be singles, doubles, and mixed with skill levels ranging from 3.0-4.5+ with prize money split across the 4.5+ divisions. Total prize money depends on total number of entrants in 4.5+ divisions. See prize money section for more info. There will be prizes such as paddles, bags, hats etc for all gold medalists from each bracket. There will be food available for purchase on-site as well. Come out for fun games, competitive pickleball, and a good time!
Registration cost for this tournament is $60.
Each amateur event is $25.
Each Pro/open level event is $50.
Pickleball brackets also charges a $5 service fee per event with the maximum being $10 on top during checkout.
Registration includes a free T-shirt.
When a player signs up for a doubles event, his or her partner must register and pay within 7 days of that time or else the team will be moved to the waitlist. Once both players are registered and paid, the team will be moved off the waitlist.
There is a 4.5 bracket separate from 4.5+. regular 4.5 19+ and 50+ are amateur events with no prize money. events named 4.5+ open level $$$ are the pro/open events with payouts.
Start times will not be announced until registration closes! This is because the number of signups for each event will determine when we can start each bracket. We need to know the final number of entrants for each event in order to determine the most efficient start times to keep the day running as smoothly as possible. Start times will be released 1 or 2 days after registration closes and may be subject to change due to any unforeseen circumstances.
The results will be uploaded to DUPR.
Brackets may be combined if not enough teams are signed up in a given event. Age groups within the same skill level would be combined first. If necessary, Skill levels may be combined.
If a bracket has 3 teams or less, this bracket will most likely be combined with another bracket. If a bracket has 4 or 5 teams, it will be round robin format. If a bracket has 6 or more teams, it will be regular double elimination format.
Double elimination brackets are best 2 out of three games to 11 in the winners bracket and one game to 15 in the consolation bracket. Teams in the consolation bracket still have the opportunity to make it to the gold medal match if they advance all the way through the consolation bracket.
Format may be abbreviated if necessary due to any other unforeseen circumstance but the tournament directors will do the best they can to get all matches played and keep regular format.
Payments will be processed via PayPal or Stripe. Email if this is an issue.
Reach out to with any inquiries.

Additional Information
Skill level used to determine which level events you can play in will be based on WPR rating. If player does not have WPR rating, Pickleball Brackets rating (PBR) will be used. Lastly, if player has no WPR or PBR rating, his or her self rating will be used from pickleball brackets profile. Players are responsible to self-rate at a skill level that is NOT lower than their DUPR or UTPR rating.
Players may play in a skill level higher than their rating.
Players may not play in a skill level that is lower than their rating.
Players above 50 years of age may play in the "50+" bracket or the "any age" bracket
Players below the age of 50 may not play in the "50+"
Brackets may be combined if not enough teams are signed up in a given event. Age groups within the same skill level would be combined first. If necessary, Skill levels may be combined.

Refund Policy
Full refunds (excluding the pickleball brackets service fee) offered until May 14th.
50% refunds offered from May 15th until June 7th.
No refunds after June 7th.

No rain Indoors

Venue Information
Pickle Factory,2302 Churchville Rd, Bel Air Maryland, 21015
Surface Type: Pickleball Hardcourt Surface
Play Area Type: Indoor Air Conditioned
Net Type: Permanent
Ball Used: Franklin
Number of Courts: 9
Parking: No Fee

Officiated Type:None
Max Events per Registration:Unlimited
Cost Includes:0 Events
Guaranteed Games per Event:2
Allow Pets:No
Allow Food:No
Allow Grill:No
Allow Dish to Pass:No