Chilliwack Mayday Mayhem

The Landing Sports Centre, 45530 Spadina Ave, Chilliwack British Columbia, V2P 0J9

May 20, 2023 - May 22, 2023

Tourney Timezone: Pacific
Chilliwack Mayday Mayhem
Hosted by Chilliwack Pickleball Club
Dates: May 20th-22nd, 2023
Format: Round Robin - Skill Levels:-
2.0 & under (Any Age)
2.5 (Any Age)
3.00 (Any Age & 60yrs and over)
3.5 (Any Age & 60yrs & Over)
4.0 (Any Age)
4.5 & Over (Any Age) - Men's & Mixed Only
Early Bird Registration Fee: $50.00 plus $15.00 per event. (Chilliwack Club Members cost is $40.00 for registration and $15.00 per event).
Late Registration after April 31st, 9.00pm: $60.00 and $50 for club members.
NOTE: All Registration thru Pickleball Brackets. Players must be at least 12yrs of age.
This is an open tournament.
Registration is online only. For the Set Doubles Events registration is not complete until BOTH partners have registered, signed the online waiver, and PAID.
Online payment by etsf to or by PayPal.
When the maximum per event is reached based on fully registered/paid teams, others will be added to the waitlist.
All players must complete their registration by May 10th,2023 @ 9.00pm.
For all Set Doubles events players may enter as a team or look under "Players Needing Partners" to find a partner. PLEASE NOTE: If a partner has not completed their registration within four days of the first partner registering, the team will be automatically moved to the waitlist. When the identified partner registers after the five-day grace period, the team will automatically move from the waitlist back to the active list if there is a slot available.
In the case of waitlists, in doubles events - teams will take priority over individuals.
Age Divisions: Players may register for younger age divisions
Skill Level: At least one player in the Set Doubles must be rated at the skill level entered and their partner must be within 1.0 point level.
Registration is based on the players:-
1st Choice -Pickleball Brackets Rating
2nd Choice - Self Rating
3rd Choice - Club Rating (Member's Only)
COMPLETE registration means, the waiver is signed, the registration is paid in full and your partner needs to be registered, waiver signed and paid in full.
The Tournament Committee reserves the right to place players in the Skill Group based on their current club/Pickleball Bracket rating. The Tournament Committee has the right to make changes to the tournament, combine divisions, or change and alter the format depending on the number of registrations received.
We continue to promote and expect that players will be diligent regarding the health and safety of everyone. If you are not well and experiencing any flu or COVID like symptoms we want you to care for yourselves and refrain from any play at the tournament. As a club, the Board of Directors will continue to respect individual choices each player makes in regards to the current PHO orders and one’s own health.
Chilliwack Pickleball Club Board of Directors
By entering this tournament you are agreeing to all rules and regulations including those stated in the waiver.

Additional Information
Saturday May 20th: NB - Tentative and subject to change based on Registration.
Women's Set Doubles:
2.0 & Under (Any Age)
2.5 (Any Age)
3.0 (Any Age & 50yrs & Over)
3.5 (Any Age & 50yrs & Over)
4.0 & Over (Any Age).
Men's Singles:- All events are Any Age.
2.5 & Under, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 & 4.5 & Over
Sunday May 21st:-
Men's Set Doubles:
2.0 & Under (Any Age)
2.5 (Any Age)
3.0 (Any Age & 60yrs & Over)
3.5 (Any Age & 60yrs & Over)
4.00 (Any Age)
4.5 & Over (Any Age).
Women's Singles - All events are Any Age
2.5 & Under, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0
Monday May 22nd:
Mixed Set Doubles:
2.0 (Any Age)
2.5 (Any Age)
3.0 (Any Age 50yrs & 50yrs & Over)
3.5 (Any Age & 50yrs & Over)
4.00 (Any Age).
4.5 & Over (Any Age).
NB: All Players must be at least 12yrs of age to Register to play.

Refund Policy
Registrants withdrawing before April 31st @ 9pm will be refunded minus a $10.00 administration fee. NO refunds after April 31st @ 9pm for player cancellations / withdrawals. No Exceptions!

Venue Information
The Landing Sports Centre,45530 Spadina Ave, Chilliwack British Columbia, V2P 0J9
Surface Type: Concrete
Play Area Type: Indoor
Net Type: Portable
Ball Used: Onix Fuse Outdoor yellow
Number of Courts: 14
Parking: No Fee
On site Parking. No Fee.

Officiated Type:None
Max Events per Registration:Unlimited
Cost Includes:0 Events
Guaranteed Games per Event:3
Allow Pets:No
Allow Food:Yes
Allow Grill:No
Allow Dish to Pass:No