WPA DUPR California State Championships

Billie Jean King Tennis and Pickleball Center, 1040 Park Avenue, Long Beach California, 90804
All start times are subject to change and events might be merged or split based on event registration.
Oct 22, 2023 8:00 AM - Jul 05, 2024 11:45 PM

Jul 11, 2024 - Jul 14, 2024

Tourney Timezone: Pacific

Cost: USD 40.00
The WPA DUPR California State Championships will be held from 7/11/24 to 14/7/24 . Friday July 12 for all Womens and Mens doubles over 50s , 60s , 70s and 80's :
Saturday July 13th for Mens and womens DUPR leveled events 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and Open for prizemoney Mixed doubles and singles events Sunday July 14th at Billie Jean King Tennis and Pickleball Center 1040 Park Ave Long Beach CA 90804.
All events are limited to up to 16 teams split into 2 groups per maximum as a Round Robin ensuring plenty of Pickleball with Medal rounds for Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
Guaranteed MINIMAL WAITING TIME between matches as for every 2 DOUBLES PAIRS 1 COURT IS ALLOCATED = APPROX 3 HOURS to 4 Hours PER EVENT including finals
Results will be uploaded to DUPR. $5 of each Registration fee will be donated to the SAFE Foundation for the prevention of Violence and Homelessness.

Additional Information
Please do not wear yellow clothing which similar to colour of the ball which is a Franklin X 40.
Prizemoney pool is based on 60% of $25 PP event entry fees for Gold, 30% for Silver, and 10% for Bronze.

Refund Policy
Refunds are available for events that do not proceed due to insufficient numbers. Also for Medical reasons with a doctor's certificate however any withdrawal up to the close of Registration will receive full credit to another World Pickleball Association event. There are no refunds due to weather delays, match delays, or combining of events however a credit would be considered for another WPA event.
Any Refunds are subject to a $5 Admin fee ( includes PB FEE and Paypal fee)

Venue Information
Billie Jean King Tennis and Pickleball Center,1040 Park Avenue, Long Beach California, 90804
Surface Type: Pickleball Hardcourt Surface
Play Area Type: Outdoor Non-Covered
Net Type: Permanent & Portable
Ball Used: Franklin
Number of Courts: 8
Parking: No Fee

Officiated Type:Gold Matches
Max Events per Registration:3
Cost Includes:0 Events
Guaranteed Games per Event:4
Allow Pets:No
Allow Food:Yes
Allow Grill:No
Allow Dish to Pass:No

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