Orca Classic 2024

Whatcom Community College Pickleball Courts, 241 W Kellogg Rd, Bellingham Washington, 98226

May 31, 2024 - Jun 02, 2024

Tourney Timezone: Pacific
If verified before registering, Bellingham Pickleball Club members get $15 off registration. (See below.*)
Regular registration begins March 15, 12:01 AM, and Late registration begins May 22 ($10 late charge).
This is the second annual Orca Classic at Whatcom Community College hosted by WCC, Bellingham Pickleball Club, and Armory Pickleball.
SCHEDULE (This is is an approximation of our expected schedule for each day, but it will be subject to change until registration closes):
FRIDAY: Men's doubles
8:00 AM Men 4.0
10:30 AM Men 3.5
1:00 PM Men 4.5
3:30 PM Men 3.0 60+, and 3.5 60+, 2.5 all ages
6:00 PM Men 3.0 all ages
SATURDAY: Women's doubles
8:00 AM Women 4.0 and 4.5
10:30 AM Women 2.5/novice, and 3.0 60+
1:00 PM Women 3.5 all ages
3:30 PM Women 3.0 all ages
6:00 PM Women 3.5 60+
SUNDAY: Mixed doubles
8:00 AM Mixed 4.0
10:30 AM Mixed 2.5/novice all ages, and 3.0 60+
1:00 PM Mixed 4.5 all ages, 3.5 60+
3:30 PM Mixed 3.5 all ages
6:00 PM Mixed 3.0 all ages
The schedule is designed so that a player can compete in more than one bracket without having to play two events in a row.
Start times for each event will be announced after registration has closed and by Monday, May 27. All start times are estimates and may change depending on necessary changes after registration closes.
- The official tournament ball is the Franklin X-40.
- Pickleball Brackets charges a $5 service fee for registering for the first TWO events. To avoid paying an unnecessary service fee, if you are wanting to CHANGE events, drop the first event first and THEN add the second event. If you add a second event first and then drop the first event, you will be charged the second event fee of $5. No extra fee is charged for signing up for more than two events.
* For the Bellingham Pickleball Club member discount, there are three things that need to happen:
1. Be or become a member of Bellingham Pickleball Club (go to https://bellinghampickleball.org) AND,
2. Have or create a free account with Pickleball Brackets (go to https://pickleballbrackets.com) AND,
3. Once your Pickleball Brackets account is set up, join Bellingham Pickleball Club in Pickleball Brackets.
THEN, once your account is set up, and you are logged into Pickleball Brackets, click on "Clubs", and search for Bellingham. If you are a current paid member of Bellingham Pickleball Club, select Bellingham Pickleball Club, click on "Become a member" and then, "Click Here Complete Your Request". Your membership will need to be verified. (It may take up to 24 hours.) Once you have been verified, your may register and your discount will be applied.
- A player may play at a higher level (play up), but may not play down (sand bag). Pickleball Brackets uses self rating. If you have a DUPR or 3.43, you could put down that you are a 3.0 and play against players who are 3.0 and lower, but we encourage you to put down 3.5 and play with people who are, like you, challenging themselves. This is in keeping with the spirit of pickleball. 2.5 events are for players 2.5 and under. 3.0 events are 3.0 and under, etc. Bellingham Pickleball Club reserves the right to move players to another event if they are known to be playing down.
- A minimum of 4 games are guaranteed. Number of games played and points per game will depend on registration. Our goal is to maximize the number of rallies each team gets to play, and the number of other teams each team gets to play, while staying on schedule to ensure that each event starts on time. Pool play will either be round-robin (each team plays every other team in your pool), or waterfall (playing 4 best matches before the medals round).
- Depending on registration numbers, we may split events by age (under 40, 40+), and we may combine teams to make for the best player experience.
- When registering with a partner, make sure your partner knows that they need to register within 3 DAYS or you will be moved to the waiting list.
- UPDATE (4/29/24): Pool play (non-medal) matches will be played with traditional scoring. (We previously announced it as rally scoring‡ with games to 21.) For 7 or 8 team pools, games are to 11 points, win by 1, and for 6 or fewer team pools, games are to 15, win by 1. All playoff matches are traditional scoring win-by-2 except that there will be caps, if necessary to keep the events on schedule.
- All events are available and open to all ages. For the sharp-eyed among you, you may notice your age is one year off. The is because, after you register, your age is shown as of June 30, 2024,
- You may register for as many events as you are qualified to enter. Basic registration includes one event. Each additional event is $30. Pickleball Brackets charges a $5 fee for the first two events.

Additional Information
‡ We previously announced that rally scoring would be used. Because this is the Orca CLASSIC, we realized that rally scoring doesn't really fit with "classic". Rally scoring has many benefits, but is not traditional. For anyone interested here is information about rally scoring:
Rally scoring is different from traditional scoring in several ways. The key difference is that a point is awarded for every rally, "one point per serve", without regard to who served the ball. Here are the other differences:
- Before each game begins, players on each team choose to be on either the left side or the right side for serving and receiving. Players do not change sides during regular play.
- The team that wins each rally will get a point and will serve. When the score is even for the team that just won the rally, the player on the right side of the court will serve. When the score is odd for the team that just won the rally, the player on the left side of the court will serve.
- After the ball is served and received, players may move just as with traditional scoring.
- The one exception to "one point per serve" is that a team must serve the winning point. So when playing to 21, if the score is 19 to 20, and the team with 19 points is serving but loses that rally, the score remains 19 to 20. If the score is 19 to 20 and the team with 20 points is serving, but loses that rally, the other team will get a point and the score will then be 20 to 20 with the serve going to the team that won the rally.
- There are three exceptions if a team wishes to change sides. A team may choose to change side during their time out, their opponent's time out, or at a change of ends halfway through a game.
Many players like rally scoring because it simplifies scoring and play, and it changes the pace of the game. It can also be helpful for tournament play because it keeps games progressing and a tournament schedule on time.

Refund Policy
Up to 45 days before the tournament, refunds will be issued less $10. Within 45 days to 15 days before the tournament, 50% refunds will be made. Within 15 days of the tournament, no refunds will be issued.

We expect beautiful weather, but we are prepared with 6 courts indoors at WCC and 4 courts at Armory Pickleball on State Street in downtown Bellingham.

Health & Safety
Whenever a ball is entering another court, "ball" should loudly be called, and that rally replayed. Please come prepared for the weather. Sun and wind can dehydrate you quickly when you are exercising. Protect your skin from the sun even when it's cloudy by using sunblock clothing and sunscreen.

Venue Information
Whatcom Community College Pickleball Courts,241 W Kellogg Rd, Bellingham Washington, 98226
Surface Type: Asphalt
Play Area Type: Outdoor Non-Covered
Net Type: Permanent & Portable
Ball Used: Franklin X-40
Number of Courts: 11
Parking: No Fee

Officiated Type:Unique Per Event
Max Events per Registration:Unlimited
Cost Includes:1 Events
Guaranteed Games per Event:4
Allow Pets:No
Allow Food:No
Allow Grill:No
Allow Dish to Pass:No