Pickleball Life Team Championship

The Greens Racket Center, 13100 Green Valley Dr, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, 73120
All start times are subject to change and events might be merged or split based on event registration.
Apr 13, 2024 8:00 AM - Apr 15, 2024 11:55 PM

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Tourney Timezone: Eastern
The format for this tournament will be as follows: Each division will have 8 teams. Each division will be divided into two 4 team pools. The top 4 teams will advance to an upper bracket, the lower 4 teams will also get to play out a lower division bracket, usually lower 4 are just done, I want to maximize your play and give you the opportunity to participate in a bracket as well. All games will be rally scoring. All Pool Play games will be to 15 with the team that is ahead frozen at 15, the losing team would freeze at 13. Bracket Matches will be to 21 with the team that is ahead frozen at 20 and the team behind frozen at 18. Frozen means the team must be serving to score additional points. All games are won by 2. In the event of a tied match, the format to break the tie will be as follows: 1 game to 15 playing skinny singles. The captain will select the order of players 1-4. Each Player will play 2 points, then players will rotate in the order that the captain chose, until 1 team reaches 15 but must win by 2.
PLAYERS Each team will consist of four players, two (2) females and two (2) males.
TEAM UNIFORMS We HIGHLY encourage teams to get creative and match! It’s all part of the Minor League fun!
SCORING: RALLY SCORING A point is earned after every rally, whether it was won by the serving or receiving team. However, a team needs to win by two, on their serve, hence a “freeze” can happen if the rally is won by the non serving team (their winning point would not count as they must serve to win). Trailing teams never freeze and continue rally scoring. If the score is tied, the rally scoring is in effect. To win, a team must win by two and must have served to win.
PLAYER CHANGE OF SIDE/SERVE During rally scoring players do not switch sides after winning points. Player A starts on the right side and serves when the score is even and Player B serves from the left side when the score is odd. Player A and B must also receive serves on their respective side. A team may choose to switch player sides during any timeouts. Teams must announce they are making the change before play resumes.
Additional Rules will be sent to captains after registration

Additional Information
Franklin X 40 will be the ball used in the tournament. A match will consist of 1 Men's Doubles Match, 1 Women's Doubles Match, 2 Mixed Doubles Match. Matches will be played on Permanent Indoor Courts.
If you are unsure which division your team should register for, I am happy to give advice send an email to pickleballlifelogo@gmail.com

Refund Policy
No Refunds after April 4th

Venue Information
The Greens Racket Center,13100 Green Valley Dr, Oklahoma City Oklahoma, 73120
Surface Type: Not Specified
Play Area Type: Not Specified
Net Type: Permanent
Ball Used: Franklin X40
Number of Courts: 8
Parking: No Fee

Officiated Type:None
Max Events per Registration:Unlimited
Cost Includes:Unlimited Events
Guaranteed Games per Event:5
Allow Pets:No
Allow Food:No
Allow Grill:No
Allow Dish to Pass:No