Spring Fling Tournament May 19th Men's & Women's Doubles

Veterans Sports Park, 1645 Valencia Ave, Tustin California, 92782
TO REGISTER: Click WEBSITE above for the first weekend, and ONLINE STORE for the 2nd weekend, or you can copy and paste the link below.
REGISTRATION FOR SPRING FLING 1st Weekend— COPY & PASTE https://swishtournaments.com/product/spring-fling-part-1-our-mixed-doubles-honoring-mothers-day-4-hour-tournament/
REGISTRATION FOR SPRING FLING 2nd Weekend — COPY & PASTE https://swishtournaments.com/product/tustin-pickleball-tournament/
We are Coast 2 Coast Pickleball and we welcome all Pickleball enthusiasts to come play, compete, and have a BLAST!!!
This will be a split weekend tournament due to the availability with the city. The 1st weekend Part 1 will be Mothers Day May 12th, and that will be our Mixed Doubles Event. Part 2, will be our Men’s and Women’s Doubles Event.
We will be introducing the new SWISH APP/PLATFORM for easier player experience. All your scores will be inputed immediately and then reports to DUPR automatically.
SWISH APP: Each player must download the Swish app, create an account AND create a DUPR account if you don’t already have one. You then will need to connect your DUPR account within your Swish account. Please email Swish directly at theteam@swishsportsapp.com for further assistance with this process.

Additional Information
Balls: Franklin X
Change Over: Switch at 6
Timeouts: 30 Second timeout in round robin, however when you switch at 6 feel free to grab water, and quickly strategize then. 1 Minute timeout in Bracket Play, and Metal Rounds.
DUPR: All scores will be automatically reported to DUPR via the Swish App

Refund Policy
Cancellation/Refund Policy
$5 Non refundable fee goes to Swish
No refunds due to last minute sickness, accidents or change of plans.
Refunds will be issued no later than May 1st.
No refunds due to in climate weather.

Venue Information
Veterans Sports Park,1645 Valencia Ave, Tustin California, 92782
Surface Type: Pickleball Hardcourt Surface
Play Area Type: Outdoor Non-Covered
Net Type: Permanent
Ball Used: Franklin X
Number of Courts: 8
Parking: No Fee

Officiated Type:None
Max Events per Registration:Unlimited
Cost Includes:Unlimited Events
Guaranteed Games per Event:5
Allow Pets:No
Allow Food:No
Allow Grill:No
Allow Dish to Pass:No

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